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What are the benefits of using bar soap made with goat milk?

Goat milk is PACKED with all sorts of good.
The unsaturated fats in goat milk create a creamy consistency, compared to using plain water that evaporates while the soap is curing.

Goat milk also includes naturally occurring lactic acid that may help replenish your skin's barrier, as well as a host of essential vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A and selenium...). You can read more about some of these properties in the next FAQ.

Is it true that goat milk is great for eczema, psoriasis, etc.?

While we would love to sing praises about our positive experiences with goat milk soap, we cannot make any medical claims about it. We create soap, which is solely meant for cleansing.

We can, however, encourage you to take a look at the proven benefits of the natural properties in the ingredients we specifically choose to use!

For instance, the selenium in goat milk, is a mineral proven to support healthy skin (You can read more about selenium here). Coconut oil and olive oil are great sources of Vitamin E which is also known to have antioxidant properties that protect your cells from the damages of free radicals. (Read up on those bad boys!)

Many people have found some relief by using goat milk products, but not all skin conditions are made equal and goat milk soap might not be the answer for everyone.

As always, we recommend that you always test your product on a small area of skin before use, especially if you are concerned about the possibility of an allergic reaction. If irritation or a reaction occurs, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.

I'm more of a liquid soap user, why should I consider using a bar soap?

First of all, our bar soap is just plain pretty and fragrant! Why wouldn't you want to have a few bars around to brighten your visits to the bathroom? ;)

Handmade bar soap is a fantastic option because it's a dry product and doesn't require a preservative, unlike liquid soap.

Liquid soap requires water to remain, well... liquid, and this liquid provides a potential breeding ground for mold and bacterial growth. The pH levels in our handmade soaps do not allow for this growth.

But if you still prefer liquid soap, we love looking for soaps that include natural preservatives like Rosemary Oil Extract and Vitamin E!

How does soap work anyhow?

True soap is created when diluted sodium hydroxide (yes, also known as lye) reacts with fats and oils in a process called saponification. The water or liquid used to dilute the sodium hydroxide evaporates and the alkali salt left behind is what we know as soap! (In properly created soap, no caustic lye remains, making the soap perfectly safe to use.)

While soap may not destroy germs and bacteria, the composition of it encases the dirt particles that we scrub and rinse away.

In a soap's chemical chain, part of it is attracted to dirt and part of it is attracted to water. As a surfactant, soap breaks the surface tension of water, allowing it to hang onto the water and keep the dirt floating until it is rinsed away.

The surfactant part of soap can be quite drying as it also pulls away your skin's oils each time you wash, especially when only using water to make soap. Have you ever noticed how dry your hands become after multiple washes?

By using goat milk instead of plain water to make our soap bars, extra cream (fat) remains after the water content evaporates, leaving behind a layer of fat to seal in your skin's moisture. We also avoid using synthetic detergents that may have a stronger cleansing power in hard water and may create more suds giving the illusion of a better clean.

Will my soap expire?

Some of the oils that we use come with "Best by" dates to ensure freshness, because it is possible for fresh oil to become rancid over time by being exposed to oxygen. (You would notice an "off" smell if you tried to cook with it.)

For the best washing experience, we recommend keeping your soap in a DRY, cool place with air circulation, and using the bar soap within one year.

When will new scents be available?

We offer a new limited-quantity scent every month and popular bars may end up sticking around all year long! So, if you love something, make sure to leave a review and maybe grab another bar!

Follow @fairview.fields on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know about our new releases and the return of fan favorites as we grow!

Will you be offering new products outside of goat milk soap?

While we're creating our core goat milk soap offerings, other products might take a bit of a back seat. BUT we are excited to say we are experimenting with a few new bath and body ideas and hope to bring them to you soon!

Do you offer custom soaps?

Currently, custom orders for individuals are not available. Once we've established a core collection of fan favorite scents, we may open up custom orders for things like special events, favors, and gift-giving.

I live locally, can I skip the shipping fees?

You bet! If you live near Neenah, Wisconsin and would like to pick up your order from our home soap studio, please use the discount code LOCALPICKUP to remove the shipping fees. We will contact you once your order is ready to coordinate a pick up time! (WE can hold paid orders for up to 30 days. After this time, if other arrangements are not made, the order may be restocked.)

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are only shipping within the continental U.S., and international shipping is not available.